• Nikki and Wallace... Holdn down the Glizzle!
    Nikki and Wallace... Holdn down the Glizzle!
  • Made with @nocrop_rc #rcnocrop
    Made with @nocrop_rc #rcnocrop
  • Polly O'Keary and the Rhythm Method tonight at the Empty Glass! No Cover and its Service Industry Night! Bring Yo Ass!
    Polly O'Keary and the Rhythm Method tonight at the Empty Glass! No Cover and its Service Industry Night! Bring Yo Ass!
  • Doing the Most! #emptyglass #itsablack&whitethang #udon'tknowaboutit
    Doing the Most! #emptyglass #itsablack&whitethang #udon'tknowaboutit
  • Mark bates
    Mark bates
  • Zach deputy sound check
    Zach deputy sound check
  • Tonight at the Empty Glass!
    Tonight at the Empty Glass!
The Empty Glass:
Live Music 7 days a Week!

Located under a three story house jacked up in the air at 410 Elizabeth Street in Charleston West Virginia's historically diverse East End. Here you will find delicious food, great conversation, friendly spirits and live original music from all over the planet!

We also serve the tastiest Thin Crust Pizza and Buffalo Wings in the Universe from open till close daily.
CALL US FOR CARRY-OUT @ 304-345-3914

Monday: Charleston WV's Longest Running Open Mic Night
First Monday Hosted By Brandi Good
Second Monday Hosted by Little Nomad
Third Monday Hosted by Travis Egnor
Fourth Monday Hosted by Greg McGowan

Come down and Jam with all of our Talented Hosts

Open Mic night is always FREE

Tuesday: NO COVER with The Spurgie Hankins Band~ Original Singer Songwriter from Charleston WV. Check out his Great Original Songs and you Might Hear a Cover or two as well
 Happy Hour Prices all night Long!

Wednesday: Is a Showcase for the Best local and Occasionally you can see a Great Touring Band on Wednesday Nights as well!  
NO COVER (Cover May vary for Special Events)

Thursday: See the best Touring and Local bands routing through Charleston
FOR FREE on Thursdays. Some of the Most Talented bands To ever Play Charleston have come through Charleston at amazing prices because we are a great routing point for Touring Bands.
NO COVER (Cover on special events may vary) 

Friday and Saturday: The Party is at the Empty Glass every weekend!!! We always have the best Best Most Ecclectic Entertainment Available starting with Free Happy Hour Jazz Every Friday Featuring Dugan Carter and Friends! After Happy Hour Ends at 9pm The Party Kicks in with the best Local and Touring acts available! Average cover on the weekends is $7 but may be more or less Depending on the Entertainment.

Sunday: On nights when there is a Mountain Stage recording we have the Post Mountain Stage Jam Hosted by the Carpenter Ants. Acts are always invited down to hang out and Jam after the Mountain Stage Recordings and alot of times they show up. In the Past we have had acts such as Cake, Joss Stone, Jacob Dylan, Jason Isbell, Govt. Mule, and many more show up and Hang out and Jam. This is where the Magic Happens! Cover on Mtn Stage Nights is $6 or $4 if you attented the Mtn Stage Recording. On nights when there isnt a Mtn Stage Recording there will be other Events scheduled.

Upcoming Events

David Synn CD's Now Availalbe 

Digital Download of David Synn's Previous releases are absolutely free and for a limited time if you want to purchase the actual CD they are on sale for only $1 a piece. Shipping and Handling is $5 for the first purchase and $1 for each additional purchase. So if you order both CD's Your total would be $8 shipped to your home!

This Week at the Empty Glass 

This week at the Empty Glass

Jake Book
Jake Book is a old time musician, documentarian and songwriter from wild the midwestern state of Iowa. Growing up on a farm in the rolling hills of the southern part of the state, Jake learned about the banjo from his mother who played in the old frailing style. His mother also introduced him to many of the bluegrass icons such as Bill Monroe and Ricky Scaggs. This would stick with him while he learned to play guitar at age 10.

He grew up on the road with his parents attending historical reenactments focused primarily on the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War, something he is still very active in today. He developed a strong sense of history and heritage. During this time he was inspired by the music of Father Son and Friends and played with them around many campfires at reenactments across the country

David and Valerie Mayfield with Mark Bates

The Hybrid Soul Project
Hybrid Soul Project is comprised of seven members:Shayla L., Sara Renee', Mark Price, Johnathan Smith, Jaysen Lapsley, Tajae Mosley and John Inghram. We all bring something different and special to the table. We are not limited to any one genre of music. We believe there is soul in all music. We all come from different origins. Different life experiences make us who we are. We believe that we can best capture and express life's boldest statements as well as its most subtle declarations through our music. Our fans say that they often experience something that can't easily be put into words - a contagious feeling of freeness that can lighten your load and make you see things in a different way. 

Dinosaur Burps CD Release Party!
we've been letting it marinate for a while now and we think its time you got to taste the "Awesome Stuff We Did When Nobody Was Looking". Its also B. Rude's Mother's B Day so she might be there hanging out so if you see her tell her happy b day.

performances from:

Mack Menace
Smooth Joseph (Joey Smooth) 
Groove Heavy 
Yetti Burps

The Black Diamond Returns to Record his first CD Thursday Sept 18th 

Check this out Black Diamond Fans: Theron is coming home to Charleston with his Nashville record producer and make his very first professionally recorded Black Diamond album! His first offering will be LIVE at the Empty Glass and you can be a part of the audience & fun. A limited number of tickets will be on sale for the Sept 18th Empty Glass show. Cost of this live recorded show is $20 in advance, $25.00 day of show and in addition to a fun evening you will get a free download of the album when it is released this later this year, as well as your name being listed in the credits as an Executive Producer. Last but not least, you will experience the Black Diamond on the stage that launched his career - the Empty Glass. Show time is 9-10:30 and it's going to be a blast. Tickets on sale now and for info visit:

Electric Open Mic and Record Swap Tonight 

Tonight at the Empty GlassIts the Third Monday that means its the Horse traders Electric Open MIc and Record Swap
Stop down early and bring some records to trade
Anyone who performs at open mic Receives Happy hour Prices all night long! So stop down early and sign up!
as always open mic is NO COVER

Help Fund the 30th Anniversary Empty Glass Vinyl  

The Empty Glass opened in 1985. 2015 will be the Empty Glass's 30th Anniversary. In celebration of this momentous occasion Empty Glass Records is releasing a Limited Edition vinyl record of some of the best performances we have recorded at the venue over the past 8 years. 

Some of the acts included in this compilation will be: Unknown HinsonFreekbass,Jubal KaneThe David Mayfield ParadeThe Big BadThe Carpenter AntsC2J2,John the Conqueror and a couple more big names on which I'm waiting for clearance. (Band list will be updated as clearance is received)

This will be a one time limited Edition Hand numbered vinyl of 100 copies. CD's and digital Downloads will also be available of the Release. (CD release will have Bonus Tracks that will be available for anyone who purchased the Record)

Vinyl is much more expensive than CD's. The Cost of producing this run of Vinyl will be $1100 plus $500 for licensing fees to all of the Published Artists. 

Presales will help out Tremendously with covering the cost of this Project. 

Perks will be: Digital Downloads, CD's, Vinyl, Credit for any Empty Glass Records Future Releases. Free Passes to shows at the Empty Glass and more!

The 30th Anniversary is a Momentous Occasion for any local business. The Empty Glass has been an Icon the East Coast music scene for all of that time and still is. support this Project and get some great music!



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