Rel-X and Hurl Brickbat

Rel-X is 4 musicians creating original compositions & improv. A cohesive sound of rock, ambient soundscapes, free-jazz, funk, and experimental. Every show is a different experience for the band and listeners. Moods and soundscapes for those who like to get up and move or simply take in the atmosphere.

The band is Rudy Deweese - guitar & soundscapes Pat Turley - bass & groove Ron Lanham - keys, soundscapes, guitar & experimentations Dave Roberts - drums, percussion, keys & ambient soundscapes.

Online: Rel-X will be recording a 4-5 song EP in the very near future. Check out the promo videos on the Rel-X, Facebook page.

Hurl Brickbat is a hard rock group from Charleston, West Virginia. We have James Hairston on drums, Stephen Harper on bass, and Chris Carter on guitar and vocals. Their genres switch between a fusion of heavy guitars, intricate drums and bass, soulful melodies, and a various mix of moods than can be described as soulful, angry, stressful, and exciting. Raw emotion is the top priority, expressing their inner selves in front of a live audience.

The band is James Hairston (Drums), Stephen Harper (Bass/Vocals), Christopher Carter (Vocals/Guitar).