André Costello and Co., Walter DeBarr

André Costello and the Cool Minors Pittsburgh, PA

On the border of folk and rock, many of Andre Costello’s songs dance between the upbeat and the melancholy, often landing on both at once. The Pittsburgh artist isn’t so much a storyteller as picture-painter in his songwriting, calling to mind Wilco and My Morning Jacket in his chords and lyrics, and Leslie Feist and Neil Young in his vocal textures.

Costello’s well-established ability to write a killer hook is paired on the new record, "Resident Frequencies" with an intentional lack of urgency; some tracks sprawl into one another, building a dream of sorts, while others are straight odd-pop gold.

Walter DeBarr

A black man raised in predominantly white rural Appalachia, Walter DeBarr is not a man who has ever played by the rules. But when he plays, everyone listening wants to join him. His music, colored by early punk influences and his grandmother’s gospel music, and washed in years of whiskey, cigarettes, and rough living, carries listeners along on his journey to redemption and love.