The Empty Glass

The Empty Glass, 410 Elizabeth St Charleston WV 25311, Charleston, WV

Jack Marion and The Pearl Snap Prophets bring a youthful-exuberance and high-country swagger to the doorsteps of modern country music. The North Carolina-based band has spent the past 4 years in honky-tonks, bars, and mountain roadhouses, collecting fodder for songs along the way. There are songs about living; written in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are straight-from-the-hip and straight-from-the heart. No bull-honky. All truth. But they are just as catchy as any songwriting-factory-formed mega hit that will ever curse your ear.

The band released their debut EP Devil and Me on August 24th, 2018 which was followed by 2019s When the Well Runs Dry, the bands full-length debut. For now they continue to run the roads, winning fans the hard way.

Raleigh, NC-based artist Chris McGinnis writes songs that exist somewhere between a hiccup and a heartache. His most recent EP, Songs For You, touches on the peculiarity of your hometown morphing beyond recognition. It tells the story of two Baby Boomers falling in and out of love across time zones and decades. It's about connection and disconnection alike. With the release of his debut full-length album Mamaw's Angel, Chris veers deeper into these familiar themes. Through tales of stolen Winnebagos and hip-shaking grandbabies, Chris' music is Appalachian absurdity for the 21st Century.